KendraHello there World!

My name is Kendra Leier, and I am have recently graduated with great distinction from the University Regina with a Bachelor of Education specializing in middle years.  It is still a bit surreal to have completed this four-year journey through university, but I am excited for what is to come. I am currently on a full-time teaching contract  with Regina Public Schools, teaching Core French, various strands of Arts Ed, Health and Career Ed with students in grades 1 through 8! Prior to this year I had never even taught any of these subjects, so it has been a steep learning curve, but a challenge that I have happily accepted. This year I have been able to spread my wings, and put all of my exceptional skills to use with students . It has been a tremendous learning opportunity!

Welcome to my Electronic Portfolio! Here, you’ll find a representation of my journey through my education career in Middle Years education, and continuing into my escapades following my university experience. This site is divided in ways that demonstrate my growth, organize my thoughts, and explore my dreams of teaching in our fast-paced and ever-changing world.

I really enjoy blogging about my experiences, collaborating through social media, and discussing and sharing ideas with other passionate educators. I hope you’ll connect with me!