Return of the Long-Lost Blogger

Before I started my internship I thought, YES, I will blog every week, even more, because I’ll have so much so say and want to share it! Well, yes, I have certainly found that I have learned an incredible number of things that I want to share, finding the time to actually share them is so difficult!

Now I think that I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; you learn a LOT in internship. Every day. All day. So the fact that it’s been 2 weeks since my last post means 2 weeks of learning have occurred! And wow, have I ever learned some awesome things in the last two weeks! Let me re-cap and share my adventures!

  1. Lit Circles
    • My Lit Circles have been going really well! Students are really into their books, and for the most part are having some great conversations. The downside to being new to this set up, and new to teaching is that I haven’t had the time to really read all of the books my students are reading. I’ve read many summaries and information packages on them, heard from other teachers about them, and read snippets from all of the books, but it’s not quite the same as feeling confident in what happened in the entire book.
    • I think if I were to do this again (which I totally intend to!), I would definitely want to pick the selection of books in advance and have the chance to read them. I think that I would really love to do something with biographies/autobiographies like “I am Malala” and “Diary of a Young Girl” to incorporate some world issues along with a non-fiction style and getting the students to look at how they could write their own auto-biographies!
    • I’ve been adding in little bits here and there of how to improve the jobs that my students are rotating through, and how to have better discussions. These mini-lessons are going over great with the kids, as they’re just long enough to get the point across (15-20 min) and they they go right away and apply the concept to their jobs and discussions!
  2. Inquiry Project
    • The process of having students do research over the last 2 weeks has been awesome. Students already knew how to use Google Slides to make presentations (well, all but one, and he picked it up quickly), and I structured the requirements with some definitive guidelines for my grade 6s and a little less for the grade 7s.
    • We started presentations today! From what I’ve observed so far, here are some take-aways:
      • Kids are not confident in what they know. They insist on reading from slides or print-outs even though they really do know a lot when you ask them questions! This will be an area to work on improving confidence in throughout the year.
      • The structure was awesome for the grade 6s. So far the presentations have included all of the elements that we’d discussed in class.
      • The slightly unstructured was not as great for the grade 7s. So far the presentations have been hit and miss on including information that we had talked about in class. Some students hit it right on, one went over an above, and one missed the boat. We’ll see how the next round goes to get a good sense of what’s up with them!
  3. BreakoutEDU
    • I had the opportunity to partake in a Breakout with my 7/8s in my pre-internship, and also with my ECS311 class, and I can’t say enough good things about it! It’s engaging, really fun, challenging, and encourages team work like nothing else!
    • I hyped up the lesson that would be the Breakout for an entire week and the students were so excited about it!
    • The actual Breakout was super chaotic, but also super fun. Most of the students were really into the process of breaking the codes and working on clues, and it gave me a good chance to see some of the teamwork dynamics in our class. It also gave students a chance to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for solving clues and working with others.
    • There were some students who really “got it” and others…not so much, or so it seemed during the Breakout itself. I had students do a self-reflection afterwards and it helped me see what they were thinking and how I can address their triumphs and concerns in future lessons and future Breakouts.
    • Hoping to do another in a couple weeks!
  4. Substitute Teachers
    • My co-op was away for 3 days last week, giving me the opportunity to work with a substitute teacher. It was a great experience!
    • It was interesting to see how students behaved around a guest teacher, yet how they stayed the same with me. It gave me confidence that my students really do respect and trust me in teaching.
    • Receiving feedback from another teacher was also very helpful. He noticed things that my co-op hadn’t mentioned before, and also encouraged me and praised my teaching abilities, which was a real positive boost.
  5. PhysEd
    • I took on another subject at the end of last week, PhysEd. Certainly not my favourite, and a little intimidating as it’s such a different dynamic from subjects that are primarily classroom-based.
    • Our PhysEd is set up in a way that I’m really sure I enjoy. We combine with the grade 6 class, and split the boys and girls. One groups has PhysEd and the other does health. One class a week each group has a 45 minute class, and then the other time we do the flip, either the boys OR the girls get 1 hour of PhysEd (rather than trying to get each group in for half an hour, which would really be about 15-20 minutes with transition time). This set up makes it really difficult/interesting to plan units, as one group has 2 lessons a week and the other just one.
    • On the up side, my first double class was a success, and my first hour long class with the boys was awesome! I’m learning more about class management and how things change in a gymnasium, and also how to connect to students in a new subject.

Teaching it busy, (It took me 4 days to write this post!) but I’m having so much fun! I’m going to really try to write more in the next couple weeks leading up to my 3-week block, as I find it such a great way to reflect on my thoughts.

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