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In addition to binge watching “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix and smiling every time Barney uses his “Suit Up” phrase, I am constantly thinking of fun ways to approach my required projects and assignments at school. As an education student I’m also always trying to find ways that I can make everything sharable with fellow classmates and teachers and also usable in the future. With my current tasks incorporating a lot of lesson and unit planning I thought it made sense to start putting all of these resources and outlines together in one place – my very own website!

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I have already had a bit of experience in building a website, as I put together the site for my gymnastics club, Adamo Rhythmics. I really enjoyed using the GoDaddy website builder, so that’s naturally where I went back to! There is a cost for using their platform, but right now they have a sale on so it was only $12.00 for the YEAR! I think even when I purchased it for my club it was only a couple dollars a month, which is totally worth it to have your own domain name and total creative control.

The website builder is SO EASY to use. You can start with a template (free with your original sign-up), and then totally customize it with fonts, colours, backgrounds, photos, etc. You can move everything with ease, and there are plenty of grid snaps to help you line everything up neatly. If you want to delete something, it’s just a simple click, and it’s just as easy to drag and drop any sort of content you wish, including photos, maps, YouTube videos, or forums. It’s also super simple to connect to social media and blog sites. Adding pages is a breeze too! You can also link any of your page content to other pages within your site, or to other sites by just clicking options. And if you ever do get stuck, their customer support is fabulous! I’ve used both their online chat and telephone services before, and got fast, simple help to my problems.

While my site is still under construction, feel free to check out what I’ve got so far! …It’s really just a title page for now. But there will be more soon, I promise!

2 thoughts on “Site Up!

  1. mollybasnicki says:

    I will have to check those sites out, I am always down for discovering new tools or ways to “brand” myself or businesses. ALSO I love that you incorporated How I Met Your Mother into this post, I am such a fan its almost sickening haha!

  2. shaystoyko says:

    Just checked out your website and it is AMAZING! The first thing I noticed is how visually appealing it is! Can’t wait to see the finished product. I can definitely see myself turning to your site in the future!

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