Today was a fabulous day of pre-interning!  We got to hear their really fun songs they wrote for the upcoming Christmas concert, taught some lessons, and watched a teacher-student volleyball tournament. The kids were great, my lesson went great, and I had a lot of fun!

I taught science today, my favourite, which I hadn’t taught before. While I’ve certainly had a lot of experience working with kids and science while working at EYES camp, teaching it is very different and has a different purpose. I chose to teach about buoyancy, a pretty difficult concept for even me to understand, let alone teach to students! Luckily we’d had a bit of exposure to this topic in one of our ESCI 317 classes, so I adapted some of things, added a few more experiment stations, and turned it into a really great lesson plan! As I found out that the students didn’t have a lot of experience with exploratory type science we reviewed how to generate questions, made a KWL chart, discussed how to predict, observe and make attempts to explain the experiments we were doing. It went really well (though a little longer than I had anticipated), and we were good to go!

The students had a great time doing all of the stations, and worked really hard at doing their predictions, observations, and explanations. Mr. C helped me circulate the classroom and ensure that students were understanding how to perform the experiment and ask lots of questions to help them reach an explanation. It was so cool to be able to ask students questions, and help them to figure out the solution! It really made me feel confident in both my knowledge of the experiments and subject matter, and also in my questioning abilities!.

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We wrapped up with some group discussion about what we learned, and were even able to answer some of the questions we wondered about in the KWL charts we made at the start of the lesson, like how a boat can float! Other than being a bit rushed for time in completing the group discussion and exit slip I thought the whole lesson went great, and there really isn’t much that I would change. The class only has 1 hour for science class, and I think that in my classroom I would try to plan it in a space that would have a bit more time to accommodate the need for time to both conduct and explain experiments.

One more week to go! I’ve been tasked with reviewing area of a circle and surface area of a cylinder (which Mr. C taught today), but I want to make it more than just a boring math review. Any ideas on how I can turn this into something awesome?

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