What a difference a day can make!

My last two weeks at my pre-internship were a little rough. I felt discouraged, disappointed, and really quite depressed about my experiences. I broke down in tears, and even contemplated why I was even considering becoming a teacher. I felt unmotivated and unsupported, and just didn’t know where to go.

Well, today was a brand new day. I went back in with my head held high, a great lesson plan in hand, and I was going to give it another go. I had my reservations, as I was teaching a Phys Ed lesson about Inuit games, which could totally  have ended in disaster, but it didn’t! While I was a little rushed for time in setting up (staff meeting that I didn’t know about until I got there!), and had forgotten the book to go along with one of my stations at home, my co-op and my partner helped me out and I was good to go when the students arrived.

Mr. C and I started out by practicing a call and response for our students to use in the gym, and they loved it! It worked well for the grade 7/8 class throughout the lesson, and they were great listeners! What a change! While it didn’t work so well for the 6/7 class that I taught too, they weren’t as loud, so were easier to get attention from.

The independent warm up that I had the students do went over really well. I think that in the future I might add in some adaptations for those who want more of a challenge too. It certainly got them all warmed up though, and they all participated, which was good.

I had the lesson set up in 5 stations. I numbered the students off, but when they actually went to their stations the division seemed unbalanced. Mostly it was because students decided they wanted to go with friends regardless of their number. Another time I might send them to their designated area right away, instead of waiting until I was finished numbering. Or, in an established class we could use the same groups for a set amount of time. That would also help in a situation where I wanted to do some assessment notes during the activity.

Overall the stations worked quite well. Some stations had just words and pictures, and others had videos to accompany them. While most students could easily follow the directions and/or video and be able to perform the skill/game, there were some who were quite disengaged. I think that I could have given the stations more adaptations so that lesser or higher skilled students could work at their own level. For one boy, who is usually really engaged in PE, I think he had a bad experience with the first station, as it was a very challenging skill, and from then on he wasn’t really interested in participating. I hadn’t anticipated this psychological complication from the activities. I think that a variety of skill levels for each skill may have prevented this.

I had a lot of fun teaching this lesson today, and I’m really happy with how it went! My co-op also thought it was great, and provided me with great constructive feedback on it. The rest of my day was also really good. I was able to help kids in math, have some great conversations with some of the students, and even attended a magic show by a great French-speaking magician! I’m looking forward to next week after a great day today!

How was your day? If you  need a little pep talk, check out this video. I just love this kid!

Up next week, an English Language Arts lesson about finding out who you are, living your truth, and sharing it with the world. Really, finding out what makes you awesome, and sharing that awesome. Now I’ve just got to find a way to get some “real” teaching in there! Any suggestions?


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