Just keep strumming…

It’s been a bit since I last posted my progress on the guitar, but fear not, I’ve still been keeping at it!

In the last week I haven’t ventured into learning any new chords, but I have learned a few new things:

1. Picks – It took a bit to find purple guitar pick a really good online resource that really said much about selecting a good pick for a beginner guitarist. This one by Gibson (a guitar company) was the best one I found. When I went to the store, however, I was still confused and ended up just asking one of the sales people to help me out. While they have packs for sale on the shelf, he showed me that you can buy just one, so you can give it a try and see if you like it. I ended up going for one with a bit of a grip to it, which is better for beginners, and kind of a medium to light thickness of 0.60mm. I actually even got it for free!


2. Capos – When my sister gave me her guitar to borrow, she also gave me a capo. Now, I’ve seen her use one before, and have seen other performers (like my favourite acoustic guitar singer-songwriter, Steve Bell), and had a vague idea what it did, but I turned to my ol’ friend Andy to see what he had to say about them. Turns out they’re actually a great tool for beginners to be able to play along with a lot more songs! By changing the key you can still play easier chords! Cool!

3. Strumming – Ya, not the easiest thing to strum AND change chords! Andy’s strumming video was great though, and I’m really getting better at those D and A major chords! I can even play along to a few songs now!

4. Practicing – Life’s been crazy this week, but it’s my goal to get on task with practicing every day! Even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes, I hope to build up my fingers better! I’m getting better though, and certainly looking like a pro, hey? Haha!



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