The Phoebe Buffet School of Guitar? Maybe not.

In life, when in doubt, refer to Friends, they’ll always tell you the best way right? So, when learning the guitar, refer to Season 5, Episode 11 and Phoebe Buffet will show you how!

Ok, so even Joey couldn’t follow Phoebe’s guitar playing methods, so it’s probably not for me either. Back to the drawing board…

Let’s recap where we are at:

Have guitar = check
Understand guitar parts = check
Tune guitar = check
Learn guitar chords = ….uh….

Chords: probably the most key element of playing guitar. Do I know any? Not-a-one. I thought it would be pretty easy to find basic guitar chord tutorials all over the internet, and it was! But were they any good? Ah, now that’s where things got a little difficult! Sure, I found a lot of videos and websites and blogs saying they were “beginner chord lessons”, but I found that most of them were not beginner enough. The already assumed that you knew how to play chords and what strings and frets were which, and which fingers automatically went to which places…pretty much they were videos that taught you chords and assumed that you already knew how to play chords. Didn’t follow that? Ya, neither did I. Bottom line, it was difficult to find something for true beginners out there.

I did find a great YouTube channel for beginner guitar for “grownups” that I checked out, and it seemed quite promising. His first video gave some great lead up tips to how to achieve your goals of playing the guitar.

The first chord video, however, I found went way too quickly and I couldn’t keep up. So, after some more searching I came across this video:

After watching this video, playing along and practicing a bit, I am pleased to say that I now can play 2 whole chords. That’s right, TWO. WHOLE. CHORDS! It is pretty exciting for me to say I can do that! I even know the names of the chords: E minor and Asus2. Andy Crowley, who made this video also has a great website with different levels of guitar instruction broken down…all for free! You can also book Skype sessions with him for one-on-one help!.

String ImprintsThe two chord lesson went well, and I even have the indents on my fingers to prove it! I will keep up with this, and maybe try out his video that adds 3 more chords. I also realized that I need to learn how to read “TAB” chords. I remember my sister’s guitar books often having those, and many of the videos I looked at today had them also. I bet Andy has a guide for that too…yup he does! Maybe I should look at getting a pick also….although I managed without one today. I see there’s a video for that also!

I’m off to do more reading and strumming!

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