These are a few of my favourite songs…

While my friend, Andy Guitar, has been great, I’ve decided I needed to expand my guitar playing horizons. So I ventured out into the unknown and went in search of something new!

So the first few songs that I had bee playing along with weren’t really ones that I liked, so I went in search of some lessons and videos of songs that I knew and liked!

The first one I came across was a video for Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” but it had some chords that I don’t know yet. I think they’re fairly simple and I could learn them pretty easily with some more practice.

Now, since I’ve watched a few videos from this girl I also thought I could go and see what else I could find.

Guitar TAB Photo Credit: Ethan Hein via Compfight cc

I did find a cool list of “easy” guitar songs on this website, but they are written in TAB format. Well, I had to figure out what that was, luckily they have a page for that. It’s really just single string plucking to play a song. It kind of looks like sheet music, but it lists the fret to play on which string. It took a little bit to figure it out, because as a musician I’m, of course, used to reading music in a traditional 5 line staff. Armed with that bit of knowledge and my ear for music, I managed to figure out how to play “Amazing Grace!” Woot! There are also several Christmas tunes that I’ll have to learn too!

Also on my must-learn-to-play list is “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson. I shamelessly watched “Princess Diaries 2” yesterday (while “studying”), and it’s one of the theme songs of the movie and is written for guitar. I found the video and the sheet music for it also.

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