Nearing the End

Fact: Keeping up with a blog while teaching full time is hard!

Fact: Next year, I have plans to ACTUALLY keep up with it.

Fact: I’m tired…but there’s still 5 weeks of school.

Fact: I’m sad it’s the end of the school year.

It’s really hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end. I will no longer be a 1st year teacher in just a few short weeks! I will also know very shortly where and what I’ll be teaching next year. I’m not nervous about it, but am excited to learn what I’ll be doing as I now have a WAY better understanding of what and how to prepare for the year.

That being said, I also know what NOT to do next year. I know some times I’ll say no to things. I know that I can stop working sooner. I know that I need to take better care of myself. I read an article today about teacher “burnout” and one line really resonated with me. It suggests that it is, “the most highly motivated and committed teachers who undergo the most stress and who break down simply because they truly care for their students and, against the odds, try to deliver.” After this past year I can definitely say that is true. I have put so much of myself into my lessons and into the students I teach because I just care so much about them and their learning. Other teachers tell me not to do so much, which is probably true some times, but really not when I’m just trying to plan really engaging units for them!

It’s a hard balance this teacher/life thing. It is something I’ll be working on for the rest of my career I imagine, but I also know that I really do love putting the time and effort into planning really great lessons. One of my principals passed on a student comment to me the other day. A student had said, “I like Mrs. Leier’s classes. She makes really boring things not boring.” It totally lifted me and made me realize, YES, I do that! Even today, while teaching a grade 6 Career Education class (which is a notoriously boring subject area at most schools), my students were laughing, smiling, and so engaged while learning about decision making. It could have been that they got candy out of the deal…but they told me it wasn’t!

So as I near the end of the school year I really just hope that I can keep everyone engaged, have some fun, get things done, and really cherish the time I have left with these kids (as it may be the last I have with them ever)!

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