Unit Plans

A unit is like a flower. It starts as a tiny seed, an idea. It is planted in the mind of a teacher, and it grows roots, becomes part of the thought, and the journey. It grows a green shoot, the writing down of those ideas; the planning. With proper care, attention, sunlight, and water (ok, snacks and coffee/tea), it starts to become something; a bud, perhaps. As those ideas unfold, petals emerge, until a full, beautiful flower blooms with an abundance of lessons, resources and ideas. That flower is enjoyed by many, pollinated, germinated, and that one flower becomes many, taking root in the minds of students who learn. The seeds are shared with other teachers so that they may too, enjoy the process, and the beautiful garden of flowers in their classroom too.

My brain is full of unit ideas. Some are for stand-alone subjects, while others might involve a couple of subject areas, others still encompass all subject areas, tying in a multitude of curricular outcomes into a bouquet of luscious, flowering ideas to help students engage with their world. I am currently in the process of creating some outlines (in a nice, neat way) for the units I taught during internship, and for the ones constantly growing in my mind. Stay tuned to watch the garden grow!

The following is a list of unit plans I have created throughout my university degree:

Grade 7
Multi-disciplinary/Aboriginal Content – Importance of Place
Science – Earth’s Crust 

Grade 8
Science – Water Systems
Social Studies – Sustainable Consumerism 

Grade 7/8
Math – Integers – Unit Plan, Lesson Plans , Project & Rubric

Grade 9
Social Studies – Dynamic Relationships & World views – Mini-unit – “Check Out My Shirt!”