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The lesson plans below represent just a small portion of the work I did in my second and third years of my BEd. I have created MANY other lessons, especially over my internship. (My Planboard tells me I’ve created over 400 just for internship alone!) I’d love to be able to share them all, but that would be quite the feat to put on a simple blog site! If you’re interested in learning about the fabulous lessons I taught my grade 6/7s during internship, please feel free to contact me!

Some favourites include:

  • Harry Potter and the Dichotomus Key – Grade 6 Science Ecosystems – Systems of Classification
  • Connections – Grade 6/7 Ecosystems/Interconnectedness – World views
  • Components of Fitness Stations – Grade 6/7 PhysEd
  • I Got the Power – Grade 7 Social Studies – Forms of Government and Power
  • White Boy Privilege – Grade 7 Social Studies – Forms of Power
  • Riding the Roller Coaster – Grade 6 Numeracy – Estimating Decimals
  • Dissolving Dilemma – Grade 7 Science – Heat & Temperature

The above lessons do not all have Google Doc links (as they were created in Planboard), so please message me for info!

Lesson Plans for various grade created throughout my university experience:

Created for my Pre-Internship 3-Week Block: 
Math 7/8 Unit Plan – Integers
* 13 Lesson Plans 
* Project & Rubric 
ELA 7/8 – Narratives in Pictures
Math 5/6 – Multiplication Strategies
Arts Ed 7/8 – Music Moods
Science 8 – Natural Fluid Systems
Social 7/8 – Blanket Exercise 

Created for my Pre-Internship Experience:
Intro Lesson – Two Truths and a Lie
ELA 7/8 – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…or Maybe Just 6 – Engaging Narratives
Phys Ed 6/7/8- Exploring Inuit Games
ELA 7/8 – It’s Contextual – Context Clues
Math 7/8 – That’s a Wrap – Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms, Area of Triangles & Quadrilaterals
Science 8 – Sink or Swim – Buoyancy
Math 7/8 – Area of Illusion – Area of Circles & Surface Area of Right Cylinders

Grade 6
Phys Ed – Bound Ball – Net & Wall Games

Grade 7
Math – Birch Bark Biting – Geometry
Phys Ed – Let it Flow – Free Flow Movement in Creative Dance

Grade 8
Phys Ed – Meteor Ball – Net & Wall Games
Math – The Big Drop – Linear Equations

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